Bravo Downton Abbey

tile13-16x9-PBS-DowntonAbbey-jpg_223930I’ve taken a little break from my nightly reading to catch up on Downton Abbey.  I have to admit, my husband and I are addicted. We watched season one, episode one a few weeks ago and now we watch one to two episodes every night. It is amazing to see how the wealthy estate owners lived in the early 1900’s. The history is so interesting and the drama is so intriguing.

The setting and characters are so rich and colorful it makes you want to talk with a British accent (especially when you watch it daily). Their references to Americans are very funny. I’m sure they are not watching episodes of Duck Dynasty over in the UK. Or, are they?

If you’ve never seen Downton you can still catch-up before season four begins in January, 2014. With an Amazon Prime membership, you can download all the episodes for free (or included in your membership). You can watch the episodes on your internet ready television, gaming system or Kindle Fire. You may also be able to catch reruns on your local PBS stations.

Brilliant scenery. Scandalous events. Ghastly characters. Bravo, I say.

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