Motivations from a Writing Conference.

I just attended the Wik13 Conference this past weekend in Birmingham, Alabama, hosted by Southern Breeze, the southern region of SCBWI. It was an outstanding conference with wonderful speakers and many learning and networking opportunities.

For me, writing conferences are a  great source of motivation. Even though, I sometimes come home feeling tired, a little overwhelmed, having professional regrets, and I admit it, a little jealous of others’ success. But, I always come home ready to get back to work in pursuit of my writing dreams.

Here’s what you can get out of a writers conference:

1. Improve your writing skills with tips and instruction from industry experts.

2. Learn about the publishing business and what publishers are currently in the market for.

3. Network with fellow writers, agents and editors.

4. Enroll in critique services offered through the conference.

3. Create friendships with people who share your passion!

1 thought on “Motivations from a Writing Conference.”

  1. It was a great conference. I came home evaluating the plot structure of my manuscripts, motivated to paint more watercolor pieces, and excited to do more school visits. Lots to do. Need a few more hours in the day.

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