Book Review: Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt

ecI can honestly say, that I feel like I am a close friend of Doug Swieteck, the main character in Okay for Now. This book was recommended reading by key note speaker, Matt de la Pena during the fall WIK ’13 conference in Birmingham, Alabama. The dialogue is so authentic, not only among characters in the book, but also when Doug speaks directly to the reader. It’s effortless.

Doug lives in a lower income family and has to deal with daily abuse from his father and cruel older brother. He is forced to leave his friends and move to a small town where everyone assumes he’s just another thug.  Except for Lil. He ends up surprising everyone, even himself, when it turns out that he is really not a “chump”.

For writers, this book is a must read for composition and style. For the younger reader, this book is perfect for middle school and high school fiction. There are parts that are very sad, but it is still such an inspirational story for kids who come from difficult situations.Not only does the main character change and grow throughout the story, but all the people surrounding him evolve as well.

It’s one of those stories that you keep thinking about even when you’ve put the book down.

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