The Mapmaker and the Ghost by Sarvenaz Tash

I love to read books from debut authors. Often they are have very original ideas. This one is no exception.

In “The Mapmaker and the Ghost” the main character, Goldenrod’s Moran, is enthralled by the unique hobby of mapmaking. In fact, she is a huge fan of the historical explorers,


Lewis and Clark. She decides that she is going to spend her summer creating a map of her home town.  Part of the town includes an unexplored forest where she meets a mysterious old woman and the ghost of Meriwether Lewis. She is sent on a quest to find an undiscovered blue rose.  During her adventure Goldenrod has to get past a few run-ins with the gross-out gang where each member is known for something really, really gross.

The author seems to really have a grasp for what might interest the 4-6th grade reader . . .  adventure, suspense, exploration and some really gross stuff too.

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