If Used as an Adjective, is “Funner” a Word?

My six-year-old daughter recently used the word “funner” and my Mom brain told me that I should correct her. “No Sweetie, funner is not a word, we say ‘more fun’.” But then I thought, clearly she thinks “soccer is funner than basketball.” What’s wrong with that?

I did a little research and found some very passionate debates on the topic. Some people think it should be a word and others think it’s a stupid, lazy way to say, “more fun”.

The best explanation I found was by Mignon Fogarty Grammar Girl, Is “Funnest” a Word?. Simply put, the word “fun” originally was used only as a noun. For example, “We had fun.” However, over time, the word “fun” started to be used as an adjective, “That was a really fun party.” The words funner and funnest just never evolved along with it.

So, will these two forbidden words ever be accepted in general conversation and perhaps even entered into the dictionary? That’s a long shot.

Around our house, I’ll allow them to be used as playful adjectives, but I draw the line at “gooder”.

1 thought on “If Used as an Adjective, is “Funner” a Word?”

  1. Haha – my mother would have been like your mother. She was obsessed with language since she was a foreign language teacher. She hated when I said “same difference.” Not her “funnest” expression 😉

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