Double Vision by F.T. Bradley @FTbradleyauthor

Does your middle grade son like modern day adventure stories with lots of boy humor? Of course he does, that was rhetorical question.

3ee8d60f14856eca5afb5a5496c51bef_16xq_vptnAuthor F.T. Bradley delivers humor, adventure, mystery and mayhem in her middle grade trilogy Double Vision. Linc Baker is an unintentional trouble maker. He’s good at, “Racing Mania Eight. Skateboarding. Eating ten fries in one bite and getting into trouble.” He also happens to be a natural at being a secret agent which is very convenient because he looks just like the real secret agent Benjamin Green. The two agents are part of the Pandora secret spy agency and they search for dangerous doubles. Each book takes place in a different city – Paris, Washington D.C. and the new Double Vision to be released in October will take place in Los Angeles.

My son and I really enjoyed these books. The voice is so middle grade boy and so witty.

For more information about the Double Vision Trilogy visit http://www.doublevisionbooks.com


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