What Kids are Reading?

A recent article in Publishers Weekly Children’s Bookshelf detailed a study by Renaissance Learning. Although this data is though their AR program, it is still interesting to note some of the highlights listed below.

Among the general reading highlights:

• On average, students read the most books in grades 2 and 3 (about 57 and 51 per year, respectively), and the fewest in grades 11 and 12 (about 5 per year in each).

•The average number of words students read in books per year begins at about 25,000 in grade 1, rises each year until its peak at about 436,000 in grade 6, and then decreases to the low 300,000s by the end of high school.

• On average, girls read 761,000 more words than boys by the time they finish high school. Girls encounter nearly 3.8 million words betweenabo2667-1 grades 1–12, about 25% more than boys, who encounter just over 3 million.

• Girls outpace boys in words read after grade 4.

You can see the entire article at PW Children’s Bookshelf.



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