The Pencil – Still Working Hard in Schools

IMG_7240My 12-year-old son was recently working on the first draft of a writing assignment he had started in school. He was armed with a cedar stick with a graphite core and small synthetic rubber block. Any edits required him to erase and rewrite, erase and rewrite. By the time he was finished, it was a complete mess.

During class, they will be rewriting (in pencil) the entire paper for the final draft. By today’s standards, this whole process is archaic. However, this old writing method is how it’s done in many schools from elementary to middle grades. Much beyond that, these kids will not be using a pencil for anything more than a paragraph in length.

Obviously, public schools can’t afford to provide computers for all students — yet. On occasion, students can go to a computer lab to type up some of their assignments. But, I can imagine a day when everyone will have a simple devise, the size of piece of paper, that will allow them to write and print anywhere.

In fact, I wonder if my grandchildren will be amazed when I tell them that we use to write with a wooden stick called a pencil, and you had to hand crank a sharpening devise in order for the stick to write properly.

Hold onto those cedar sticks — they could be worth something one day.

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