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Hook’s Revenge by Heidi Schultz – Book Review

I was first interested in reading HOOK’S REVENGE to see what could be done differently with the Peter Pan story? It was already a terrific story as it was. But, I was blown away by how Heidi Schultz added even more fun and adventure to this classic tale.

The reader sees Neverland through the eyes of 61Y1SGUldFL._SX338_BO1,204,203,200_Jocelyn Hook, Captain Hook’s daughter. Jocelyn was raised on the mainland by her grandfather. When she was 12-years-old she was sent to a boarding school to learn how to be a proper young lady of England. Jocelyn had no interest in that lifestyle. She dreamed of adventure on the high seas and becoming a pirate like her father.

So, Jocelyn ran away for adventure which proved to be more difficult and less glamorous than she envisioned. Jocelyn had to dig deep to overcome huge obstacles such as cannibals, the lost boys (including the bothersome Peter Pan), the infamous crocodile and her own lack of experience and confidence.

This fast-paced story is wonderfully descriptive with tons of action and even a hint of romance. Peter Pan plays a minor role and there are many colorful cast members who take center stage. One of my favorite parts was the entertaining narrator, a cantankerous old pirate who sometimes insults the reader—very funny!

I highly recommend this wonderful adventure story for girls grades 4-6.


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