Do you have Friggatriskaidekaphobia? Fear of Friday the 13th.

The fear of friday the 13th is very real to a lot of people and it’s called Friggatriskaidekaphobia. The word itself is frightening, but it’s been around for over 100 years and the fear of the number thirteen has been around even longer.

In the early 1800’s, The Thirteenth Club was formed to disprove the fear of the number 13-club-300x276_5_0thirteen along with many other superstitions such as walking under ladders and spilling salt. The club members dared to sit thirteen guests at a table and meet on the 13th of every month. Believe it or not, all members survived.

Even though these superstitions have been disproved time and time again  some people still hold on to those beliefs—just in case. According Stress Management Center in Asheville, NC, approximately 17-21 million Americans suffer from the fear of one particular day. Their fear causes them to avoid their daily activities on Friday the 13th.

Where will you be on this Friday the 13th?


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