Competitive Reading. Who knew?

Who knew reading could be a competitive sport? I didn’t until my daughter was selected for her school’s Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl team. This is a wonderful way to make reading a social and interactive activity. battle logo poster

Here’s how it worked: Each elementary school team read the same ten books selected from the list of Georgia Book Award Nominees. The books represented different genres and diverse characters. Some of the books were not what the typical fifth grader would pick off the shelf, but it gave them exposure to new stories. The team exercised their brains during weekly training sessions where they practiced answering questions for the big competition.

This year, thirty-one teams competed in the regional competition. The day started with several head-to-head rounds with other schools. The judges asked ten trivia questions about the books and the kids had to try to be first to ring a buzzer and answer the question correctly. It was quite intense and stressful . . . for the parents.

My daughter’s team ended up in a sudden-death playoff for one of the top spots. Tell me, that’s not exciting.

For more information about Reading Bowls, visit https://georgiahelenruffinreadingbowl.weebly.com


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